​​​ToweRunning Federation of Georgia

​საქართველოს თაუერრანინგის ფედერაცია

Tower Running Federation Of Georgia was established on 4th of November in 2016. Tower Running is running up the stairs of tall buildings with maximum speed. This sport is growing fast and very popular internationally. World and European championships are held once in 2 years. The interest to this sport among Georgian society enables us to contribute to establishing healthy lifestyle and growing social connections among  society.

Members of Federation:

President - Irakli Chubinashvili

First Assistant - Alexandre Pataridze

Second Assistant - Temur Baikeevi

Web Designer - Ioseb Khutsishvili


Federation goals and fields of work:

--Popularisation of tower running in Georgia

--Engaging masses and establishing healthy lifestyle

--Organizing local and international events

--Assisting promising athletes in world and European championships